Living in the Hearts


My name is Laszlo Zoltan Nagy and in 1964 I chose Hungary as my birthplace to start this adventurous life's journey.
In 1990 I took a leap of faith and with 2 suitcases I went to New York City to see what that world had to offer. I did not know that stepping into the unknown was the starting point for my inner being's journey. After being an illegal alien for two years my paradigm turned upside down when I won the green card lottery out of 19 million applicants. With this legal status I relaxed into my new adventure in America which led me to a passion for healthy living and a new level of spiritual awareness.

Hippocrates Health Institute

In 1994 I discovered the Living Food Movement and in 1999 I graduated from the Hippocrates Health Institute as a Living Food Health Educator, which continues to be a great passion of mine, which I like to share with anyone interested.

Flower of Life

In 1997 I was drawn to a Flower of Life workshop and a few months later I met Drunvalo Melchizedek at an Earth-Sky workshop. The transformative effect of these workshops awakened within me the desire to offer my native Sisters and Brothers the same heart opening journey to remember Who We Are.

Mandala-Veda Publishing

In the very same year I formed a publishing company with a few partners in Hungary and the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life was our debut publication. In 2000 I became a FOL facilitator and by 2001 I had scheduled workshops in Budapest. Instead, however, as a result of a choice of mine, I was compelled to spend 4 and a half years in jail in Australia, where I had the amazing opportunity to further discover Who I Am on this never ending journey called: Life.

Bikram Yoga

During this time, I also became a disciplined Bikram Yoga student, which gave me a new understanding of acceptance and patience with myself and others. I practiced regularly from 2003 and this led me to take part at a Bikram Yoga Teacher Training course in the States in the spring of 2009.Finally I fulfilled my long-lasting desire to become a certified Bikram Yoga Teacher. I am currently teaching in Budapest;

Visiting Teachers, Spiritual Gatherings

During the years which I spent abroad I had the opportunity to participate in many workshops and I was able to meet with many well known authors such as Drunvalo Melchizedek, Tom Kenyon, Lee Carroll, Brian Clement, Esther and Jerry Hicks and many more. With their assistance I had profound life changing experiences many of which I would like to share with my native Sisters and Brothers as well as those from abroad.
First in line was Tom Kenyon's magnificent Hathor event in 2007, where more than 800 people experienced the healing effect of Tom's amazing voice.
In 2008 Drunvalo Melchizedek led a memorable 5-day long 'Earth-Sky-Heart' retreat in Dobogókó, Hungary where out of 120 participants more than 30 Sisters and Brothers came from abroad.
In April of 2010 I had the opportunity to attend Drunvalo's brand new 5-day workshop ‘Living in the Heart' in Sedona, which further strengthened my faith in his authenticity.

In the summer of 2000 I attended Lee Carroll's Kryon channelling in Del Mar, California. This live Kryon channel was such a significant experience, that I invited Lee Carroll to Budapest, Hungary in 2009. Over 600 people experienced first hand the clarity and authenticity of the original Kryon's messages. He came back in 2011 and almost 700 people attended his gathering! His guest was also Pepper Lewis, who is the most authentic person who delivers Gaia messages. More info on this and Kryon 2013 visit in Budapest

Shamanic initiation

In 2006 to counterbalance the experience of the time spent in prison I took part at shamanic rituals in Brazil on several occasions. On Ayahuasca healing rituals I worked beside a Colombian shaman and was in charge of looking after all of the needs of groups of 15-20 people. At those times his tribal philosophy of life proved to be the best remedy for me to be able to find my place again in this society. In those days I didn’t know how beneficial the initiations and his lectures -mainly about the correlation between the pineal gland and our spiritual development- would later be on my course of life.

Abraham’s Teachings

I have been listening to Abraham's teachings on CD since 1998, which lead me to the Law of Allowing workshop in Los Angeles in 2008. In March of 2010 I attended with 700 international seekers the famous Abraham Well Being Cruise sailing to the Caribbean and in July of that year the Alaska Well-being Cruise with a very profound fine tuning around the Law of Attraction.

Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

I have held 134 Flower of Life Workshops in Budapest, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. In 2011 Drunvalo founded ‘The School of Remembering’ with the single purpose to teach new facilitators who are entitled to teach anywhere ‘The Awakening the Illuminated Heart’ Drunvalo’s new workshop in the world. In 2011 I completed this intensive training and in 2012 I received the qualification to teach. I am deeply honored that I may share this information with my Sisters and Brothers of the planet, which is the summoning essence of Drunvalo’s spiritual knowledge.

Today as a member of this school I invite you to join me on the joyous sacred journey to remember the eternal truth, that in our hearts,
We Are One.